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New Kroger Cash Back Stacks w/ Ibotta- Snickers, Cracker Barrel, GFB & more

Deal Ambassador

There are new KCB offers out today, although they aren't active just yet (no products attached). Hopefully by tomorrow (Thursday) they will be ready to go!

Snickers bar .25 KCB and .25 IR (will make this .38 OOP at my store)

Cracker Barrel Cheese Bites .50 KCB and .50 IR (will make this .59 OOP at my store)

Cracker Barrel Cheese Blocks and Cheese Cubes (2 separate offers) .75 KCB and .75 IR (for each); Cuts also have stacking offers of .50 each from KCB and IR

GFB Gluten Free Bites 1.75 KCB and 1.75 IR (makes these .49 OOP at my store)

Artisan Bistro Burritos .50 each KCB and IR. I've never tried these before and not sure if 1.00 discount total is enough to get me to try them as they are 2.69 at my store, but I'm keeping them in mind.

Snickers Bar (minis pack shown) 1.00 KCB and currently 1.00 IR, however the clock is ticking on Ibotta. I'm curious to see what items attach to the KCB. Hopefully it mirrors the Ibotta rebate and allows for the fun size 6 packs.

There were definitely other stacks as well, so be sure to go through the list. These are just the ones that I'm personally interested in.