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Deal Sharer

Old and new to the app, still having problems with the receipts not loading and items earned then 5 minutes later get notification that there wasn’t anything qualified on receipt and I can’t figure out how to do Walmart delivery without receipt. Can anyone help w that

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Re: New

Deal Master

Welcome to the Ibotta Community

I always think of Ibotta as a Rebate warehouse.  You must select which ones you want first, then buy them at the specified store, then get the rebates.

Walmart Delivery requires that you link your Ibotta account to your Walmart account.  When you place your order with Walmart, your purchase will be automatically sent to Ibotta.  No receipt is used.

After linking your accounts, you need to go into Walmart Pickup & Delivery in the app and select those items you hope to order at Walmart.  Once complete, you can go to and place your Pickup or Delivery order.

You must select the items in the Ibotta app that you plan to buy at Walmart first.  Then you can place your order at Walmart. Be careful to match the correct items and quantities. Note: If you allow substitutions, make sure it is for another item that also qualify for an Ibotta rebate. 

If you use the Browser Extension on your PC, the items on the Walmart site will be highlighted and tell you how much the rebate offer is.  

Once you place your order, you will receive your earnings within 48 hours.  If anything is missed, you will have to submit a request to Ibotta Care.

Hope this helps.