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Newbie here.. long post but swear its not my life story ;)


Hello Everyone! I just started using ibotta a few months ago and love what I've learned so far.. pretty much the basics.. does anyone have any tips/suggestions/quickest ways to rack up some cash? I am a mom of 6 kiddos plus babysit a few more and a friend who is big into couponing told me about the app. Unfortunately due to covid πŸ™„ she hasn't been able to sit down with me and show me everything. I get so frustrated adding offers then going to the store app trying to search each item I just added and add it to my cart. Since having the app I haven't done much in-store shopping due to having a infant and a butt load of kids all the time so I use apps like instacart for delivery. Half of the time if something is out of stock the shopper replaces it with a different size/brand and there goes that 50Β’ not to mention they won't give you your dag on receipt πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ also does anyone know of any other cash back or savings apps? Besides Fetch and the coupon app? Seriously need all the help I can get with all these cooped up kids. If they're not changing outfits 10x a day adding to clothes mountain in the laundry room or using half a roll of TP to wipe a toddler rear end then they're most certainly eating us out of a house and home. So I'm mostly looking for savings geared towards laundry detergent, tp, food, and diapers.... You know the good stuff πŸ™πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ˜œ thanks in advance and happy shopping everyone! 

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Re: Newbie here.. long post but swear its not my life story ;)

Super Saver

Let me respond to your question about other apps:

If you shop at Kroger or affiliate store, you likely already know they have an app with BOTH digital coupons and cashback (similar to ibotta's Cashback).

If you shop at Target, you probably also know about their Target Circle app for additional discounts and digital coupons.

As far as other general grocery apps,  I also use Checkout51 & CoinOut. Here's my referral link to CoinOut if you wish to use it:

You already mentioned Fetch & coupons dot come, which I also recommend.

Re: Newbie here.. long post but swear its not my life story ;)

Deal Master

Welcome to the Ibotta Community.

You can search this forum for Newbie for great tips.  Here is one with a lot of do's and don'ts:


Re: Newbie here.. long post but swear its not my life story ;)

Super Saver

I use Shopkick. I don’t scan items much unless I am already nearby looking for something else, but when I buy something , it is usually good money back and I usually stack it with a coupon or Ibotta to get it almost free. 250 points = $1 and you can get a $5 gift card at 1250 points instead of waiting for $20 minimum.

my code is YAY535238 if you are interested.


Re: Newbie here.. long post but swear its not my life story ;)

Deal Expert

I only buy what I need when it's on sale and have a coupon for it. If it has a rebate as well that's a plus. I do not buy things just for a rebate and bonus. Do you have facebook? Go on the couponing groups they give you all the info you need for the stores you shop at. I do living rich with coupons and for the mammas groups they have separate groups as well for a lot of store with the coupon policies what the sales are and where to get the coupons and how to do the deals.


Re: Newbie here.. long post but swear its not my life story ;)

Former Ibotta Employee

Hi @MumLifeX6

Welcome to Ibotta! I'm so glad that you like earning cash back with us. I can understand how challenging it can be shopping at the store right now. Please note - you are able to earn cash back on grocery pickup and delivery orders using Ibotta as well, including when you use Instacart! Take a look at this helpful blog post to learn more:

Earn on Grocery Pickup & Delivery with Ibotta

I hope this helps! You're in the right place, this online community will always have your back with ways to maximize your savings. πŸ˜‰β€οΈ