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NotMilk $0.41MM at Whole Foods

Super Saver

🥛 I went to Whole Foods to grab the Milkadamia Shopkick freebie again and stumbled upon NotMilk with $2 hangtags.  The NotMilk is a slightly better deal for Prime members, and it satisfies an Ibotta offer.

On sale for $3.99 (or $3.59 for Prime) - $2.00 hangtag - $2.00 Ibotta (limit 5)


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Re: NotMilk $0.41MM at Whole Foods


@cjwoody   I got 2 free a few weeks ago and have to say it was delicious!  Hands down the best pea protein milk I’ve tried.
Thanks for the heads up I’ll definitely try to snag a few more. 

Re: NotMilk $0.41MM at Whole Foods

Deal Master

@cjwoody   Thanks for the heads up - I'll keep my eyes out the next time I go.  One thing about WF, they have hangtags, and people don't steal them all either!