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Poise Pads moneymaker

Super Saver

I did this on Saturday and it reset so I repeated it again today.

Poise Ultra Thin pads 28 ct - 4.84 at Walmart everyday 

rang up at 1.84

used a 3 printable coupon from

received 1.50 Ibotta - even though it states it will not work on 28 ct.

= 2.66 momeymaker

i have done this deal twice already.


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Re: Poise Pads moneymaker

Core Shopper

Last week I checked and price is $4.84 . Let me check the price again when I go next time. 


Re: Poise Pads moneymaker

Deal Master


As I mentioned in the other thread, that is a clearance price.  

Users should check brick seek because it is a huge YMMV

You can find the link and include it below.

(The vast majority of people may not have a reduced price)

Perhaps include YMMV or eve huge YMMV in topic name.  That is what most deal sites do for clearance

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