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Pyure Chocolate Drink Mix at Walmart

Deal Master

I noticed Swagbucks has a deal for Pyure Chocolate Drink Mix at Walmart: Buy 2, get back $16.00.

I checked my local Walmart and they were in stock for $5.48 each. I picked up two and made $5.04

The offer also includes the Pyure Chocolate Syrup, but this costs about a dollar more.

The offer expires on 08/31/21, but when others find this one, it could go fast.

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Re: Pyure Chocolate Drink Mix at Walmart

Deal Master

Must be nice to have SB accept your receipt.

I remember those days.

Did four deals in the last 10 days, none auto-accepted, and all 4 manual reviews failed.

Good for those of you who can get paid.

“about me: Suburbs of Indianapolis Indiana. BOILER UP!! Favorite stores: Kroger & Meijer"

Re: Pyure Chocolate Drink Mix at Walmart

Super Saver

@mmoore01  Great find.  I don’t have the offer but will keep my eyes peeled.

@Rickibotta  On Saturday, I bought 2 of the Smartypaws, which was a $40 offer.  It went into review, still pending.  I keep checking multiple times a day.  Since then, I did the Werther’s Sugar Free BOGO on Ibotta and stacked with $3 offer from SB, and that was actually recognized and awarded right away.