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Pyure Chocolate Drink Mix at Walmart

Deal Master

I noticed Swagbucks has a deal for Pyure Chocolate Drink Mix at Walmart: Buy 2, get back $16.00.

I checked my local Walmart and they were in stock for $5.48 each. I picked up two and made $5.04

The offer also includes the Pyure Chocolate Syrup, but this costs about a dollar more.

The offer expires on 08/31/21, but when others find this one, it could go fast.

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Re: Pyure Chocolate Drink Mix at Walmart

Deal Master

Must be nice to have SB accept your receipt.

I remember those days.

Did four deals in the last 10 days, none auto-accepted, and all 4 manual reviews failed.

Good for those of you who can get paid.

“You can evict us from the community. But you will never HAVE the community. We take it with us.". BOILER UP!!"

Re: Pyure Chocolate Drink Mix at Walmart

Super Saver

@mmoore01  Great find.  I don’t have the offer but will keep my eyes peeled.

@Rickibotta  On Saturday, I bought 2 of the Smartypaws, which was a $40 offer.  It went into review, still pending.  I keep checking multiple times a day.  Since then, I did the Werther’s Sugar Free BOGO on Ibotta and stacked with $3 offer from SB, and that was actually recognized and awarded right away.