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Repeat Rebate


I purchased 3 Core Bars on March 3 at Target. I already submitted my receipt and received credit for the cash back offer of $1.25 on 1 Core Bar. That means there are still 2 Core Bars from my purchase that have not received any rebate. A repeat cash back offer appeared today for $2.49 back on 2 Core Bars, so it’s slightly different and my purchases meet the requirements. According to everything I’ve read, they should be eligible for this new cash back offer because the purchase was made only 2 days ago and neither of the items received credit under the original rebate,. However, I’ve had issues in the past with my account being flagged for review, which is always resolved because I’m very careful to follow all guidelines, so I want to make sure I’m allowed to submit my receipt again to receive credit under this new rebate on the 2 Core Bars that were not part of my previous offer. I submitted this question to support, but I’m hoping someone can offer guidance. By the time I get a reply from support, the offer might disappear.