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Save $75 on Walmart+

Deal Master


For those who are considering signing up for Walmart+, here is a way to get $75 (maybe more) back from Swagbucks.

I am not interested, but got a notice on this today.  I couldn't find this in the app until I did a search of Walmart+ and it came right up.

The app seems to indicate you can get back up to $77.50 back, but I really don't understand how.

Please note that it can take up to 60 days to get your points.

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Re: Save $75 on Walmart+

Core Shopper

@mmoore01 I did their last promo and got $50 back and stacked it with $30 back from gpay for using my mastercard to buy the annual Walmart plus plan..So paid 98 and got 80 back in total.