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Savings App- Retail Me Not


“Retail Me Not” is another money savings app that I use. Before I discovered Ibotta, I never purchased anything, anywhere, especially online, without checking Retail Me Not for a coupon code.
It offers coupon codes for thousands of retailers that can be used online or in the store. I earned >$500 last year. Their coupon codes are awesome, offering 20-30-40-50% off.
They also offer cash back offers that can be used in conjunction with the coupon codes. I have earned as much as $50 cash back on one purchase last Christmas. 
So. These days I check both Ibotta and Retail Me Not for cash back offers and use the highest. They recently offered 20% Cash back at Aveda and 25% Cash Back at Talbots. 
Of course I now have to consider the Ibotta holiday bonuses when making decisions this month. 
Check it out. I tell my friends “do not buy anything online without checking Retail Me Not”.
You’d be surprised how many times you’d find a code and save $$$$

Happy Shopping! 

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I’ve been a member of Retail Me Not for many years. Awesome site!

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@ScottyS  this belongs in the deals stacking forum please put it in thank you

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How do I change the forum?