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Shopkick wierdness

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 I've had 2000 points pending since 7/9 for harrys shave foam and Sara Lee turkey offers that were offered on SK. I opened a ticket a couple days ago because it was taking so long and recieved an email that it would take up to 10 days to.process. I checked on the status today and it now says 0 points and purchase limit reached. I haven't responded with another ticket yet, but that just doesn't seem right to do that after money spent and was points available at the time of purchase. Really ticks me off actually. Has anyone else had this happen with SK before?

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Re: Shopkick wierdness

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I did. Remember the frenzie around the Grove Co offers at Target?

I simply let them know the value of the offers that were vaild at the time I originally submitted. I ended up getting all that I expected to earn.

Cheering for quick and Complete resolution.

Re: Shopkick wierdness

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@What-Shot I just finished emailing them about it so will see what happens. I know thru have been mega slow in processing but I haven't had that happen before. Hopefully resolves in my favor.

Re: Shopkick wierdness

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I have never had this issue.  I purchased both on 7/6, submitted and got full credit on both.

I believe that receipt sat for several days in processing status.

The Harry's offer no longer shows up.   The 800 kick Sara Lee offer is grayed out to me.

Have you done these deals before?

If they are saying they have reached their limit on the promotion, they may not budge.  They are not ibotta.

If the latter is true, I hope they come thru for you.

  I have not had SK deny points I have earned yet, but the last 2 receipts they switched the points up after I submitted the receipts, so I had to open up tickets for Seventh Generation dish liquid  (100 kicks given instead of 600)  <and> Heinz mustard (75 kicks instead of 200)

@SaverGirl67   this belongs in the DEAL STACKING FORUM

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