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Special k at stop and shop

Core Shopper

Was just at stop and shop. They have the special k cereal on sale for 2/$3.00 limit 4. It's a 3 day sale so today was the last day. Bought 4 boxes for $6.00 I used a digital coupon for 1 dollar off of 2 and I printed another off of for 1 off of 2 boxes. So $4 after coupons plus ibotta .65 cents back for each box. Thats another $2.40 off and then a Catalina for $2 off my next purchase printed out. So ended up with a .40. Cent mm. After coupons ibotta and Catalina. I was looking for the special k with blueberry to try to get the $1 cash back on ibotta for each box but couldn't find it. I scanned the blue berry with lemon pieces in it and that didn't match. Oh well. 4 free boxes plus an extra 40 cents is pretty good to me lol To top it off I can upload my receipt to kelloggs family rewards to get a free box of k cups from keurig for buying 3 boxes of cereal. Woohoo

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Re: Special k at stop and shop

Deal Master

@Noodles128  I popped into S&S by my mom and was looking for the blueberry also - couldn't find it and it's a little store that was crowded, so I didn't bother with anything else.  I didn't see the Keurig offer from KFR.  I have such trouble uploading my receipts, but maybe I'll try it - I didn't upload the Choc eggo from last week. 

Re: Special k at stop and shop

Rewards Whiz

Kellogg Family Rewards has been having lots of issues the past couple of months.  Every time I submitted a receipt, only one of two pictures would get uploaded.  Each time, they would reject the receipt since it didn't have all the information.

I think they have fixed that problem.  I have over 40,000 points.  I really need to see what is available right now with the points.  I usually get gift cards for Lowe's.