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Stack and Save BTYB Publix, Ibotta, Fetch, et. al



Cooked Perfect Fire Grilled Chicken $6.99 (x2) $13.98
Ibotta $5.99 back on 2
OOP $7.99 / 2

Good Humor Viennetta Ice Cream Cake $7.49 (x2) $14.98
Publix Digital Coupon $2 off
Fetch Special Offer 15,129 points ($15.13)
MM ($2.15)

KillCliff Energy Drink $2.99
Publix Clearance $2.04 off
Ibotta $2.00 back
MM ($1.05)

Chobani Probiotic Yogurt $1.50 (x2) $3.00
Mfg $1.50 off 2 (SS)
Ibotta $0.50 back on 2
OOP $1,00 / 2

Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges $3.59 (x2) $7.18
Publix BOGO -$3.59
Ibotta $2.00 back
OOP $1.59 / 2

Screamin’ Sicilian Frozen Pizza $9.29
Publix Sale $3.27 off
Ibotta $1.00 back / Any Brand Frozen Pizza $0.10 back
OOP $4.92

Core Hydration Water $10.99 (x2) $21.98
Publix BOGO -$10.99
Ibotta $4.50 back / Core Bonus $0.50 back
OOP $5.99 / 2

Total $73.40

Club Publix Coupon $5 off $50
Club Publix Coupon $3 off $40

Publix Special Price Savings -$19.89
Mfg Coupons -$3.50
Ibotta $16.59 back
Fetch $15.13 back (gift card)

Final OOP $10.29 (86% off)




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Re: Stack and Save BTYB Publix, Ibotta, Fetch, et. al

Deal Master


Awesome job - love the breakdown.

1. The chicken was expensive although I'm not sure if it was the bigger package. Let me know what you think of it.  For me, it's good in a salad or a wrap.

2. The Screamin pizza was much more expensive in your store (compared to WM) - be sure to sign up on their website, they often have printable coupons in their emails.

2. I personally don't think the CORE water is worth it.  We have a HIGH instance of Cancer on LI thanks to the old Grumman location (IMO) so we only drink bottle water. I did the Core 1x and wasn't over the top.

3. YAY on the ice cream cake.

4. Energy drink - gotta love the clearance.

5. The laughing cow was a great deal - I think everyone's fridge is stocked full with cheese at this point.

6. I had gotten the Chobani last week at SNS as it was a digital free offer. I don't understand the whole Yogurt/probiotic - I thought Yogurt was a probiotic?

Re: Stack and Save BTYB Publix, Ibotta, Fetch, et. al

Rewards Whiz

@FelskyNY  Publix price of Core was$2 more than WM on the 1L 6 pack &..5L.  Publix overall more expensive than WM, but BOGO ,can’t be beat when you can pair with Ibotta. BTW I love the taste of Core

Re: Stack and Save BTYB Publix, Ibotta, Fetch, et. al



Love the feedback! Thank you!

I debated if it was too late to post b/c Publix BOGOs reset every Thursday. I wasn’t thinking about the opportunity to get feedback to improve my own savings.

The water and cheese were the only BOGO-dependent. Everything else should still be available, unless this group depleted the Good Humor Ice Cream Cake Fund 🤣

The energy drinks have been on clearance for a couple of weeks and starting to run out. The rebates are separated between the Energize version and the Ignite version. Both have a limit of 1 but reset daily. I’ve been alternating between the two and made at least $10 total. Plus, I have a stockpile of shopping fuel. 😁

I mentioned previously how the cost of living in south Florida is significantly higher, which can be seen in the price of the chicken and pizza. Target and Walmart are the only retailers that tend to keep prices in overall alignment with the rest of the nation, but all Walmart locations are at least 5 miles outside the center city, along with the Super Targets.

Even when Walmart managed to put together enough parcels of land to build a store, they spent 10 years in legal battles and sold the land a few months ago. Sprouts is coming, instead, and will be a mixed-use development of retail and residential. I suspect it won’t have much impact on pricing, so the more I can learn to stack the better off I’m going to be,

I usually end up paying something OOP, even on the Ibotta FAOs. Publix has always been known as one of the most expensive grocery options, and their prices even vary between the three locations where I shop. Stacking BOGOs with coupons and rebates is essential.

Looking back at my breakdown, I should’ve spread the $8 worth of storewide coupons across my items, but I was “mathed” out by that point. I had 10 items, which breaks it down to an additional $0.80 off each item.  My true OOP on the chicken was $6.39/2 or $3.20/each. I agree that it’s not a lot of chicken, but the taste was excellent. Very juicy and full of flavor. I didn’t even need a dipping sauce.

As for the pizza, I’ll definitely be signing up for the corporate emails. That’s my favorite frozen pizza and hard to find it any cheaper within close proximity to my apartment. Publix had it on BOGO when I first joined Ibotta, and that was one of the first times I realized the savings opportunity when combined with Ibotta. I filled my freezer full of as many as I could fit. Hopefully, another BOGO is coming soon, while the rebate is still available.

I’m with @Icequeen813  on the Core Water. I find it to be smooth and refreshing. I also like the size/shape of the bottle. It’s a liter of water and still fits perfectly in the side holders on my book bag. In general, I don’t buy much bottled water. I have a Brita pitcher and use that to refill bottles.

I haven’t had the ice cream cake, yet, but I’m sure I’ll love it. I’m a fan of anything with ice cream. Also, need to try the cheese and will report back on both. 

I’m not picky about yogurt and don’t eat a lot of it. More of a midday or afternoon snack on occasion. I’m sure “Probiotics” is another marketing tool. There must have been a focus group that responded really well to that labeling, and everyone ran with it. I will say that I bought the almond-based Kite Hill yogurt last week, and it was delicious.

At one time, I wasn’t able to handle a lot of lactose and the almond-based products are still my favorite of all the dairy alternatives coming onto the market. I’ve not been impressed by the coconut-based, and the oat-based is “take-it-or-leave-it” based on the price. Interestingly enough, I’ve not had any issues with lactose since I started the immunosuppressant, so I suspect my autoimmune diseases were playing a role in my intolerance.

Next up, I want to share my CVS breakdown from this week. It’s important to look at savings across multiple transactions with CVS, because you need to roll your ExtraBucks from one transaction to the next. The free gift card offers at Target and the cash rewards program at Walgreens are similar in that respect. Plus, there are key differences in the way coupons should be stacked because of a difference in processing order. I did really well at all three places this week. In fact, I got $73 worth of facial care products at CVS for about $3 OOP, and only one item was stacked with Ibotta. Stay tuned and please keep the feedback coming! I still have so much to learn.

If anyone is still reading, the moral of the story is that even if you live in a place with an astronomical cost of living, you can still find FAOs and MMs, but you gotta stack, stack, stack.

Re: Stack and Save BTYB Publix, Ibotta, Fetch, et. al

Rewards Whiz

@Saving4Fun  Are you shopped out yet ? I went to Target today to get the Hum kids toothbrush. .Checkout my post on deal stacking under Hum Toothbrush.


Re: Stack and Save BTYB Publix, Ibotta, Fetch, et. al


@Icequeen813 I slept until noon today! Does that answer your question? 😂 Just posted two replies to your Target feed. Make sure to read both because I shared additional ways Target takes care of its guests. You won’t find any retailer as good as Target when it comes to guest service. 


Re: Stack and Save BTYB Publix, Ibotta, Fetch, et. al

Deal Sharer

I am mostly jealous you got the vienetta ice cream 🤤 major props to all the savings! 

Re: Stack and Save BTYB Publix, Ibotta, Fetch, et. al

Rewards Whiz

@Saving4Fun  Yes I’m aware! .what I especially like is that if you can’t find what you’re looking for an associate will “walk” you to the appropriate aisle. 

Re: Stack and Save BTYB Publix, Ibotta, Fetch, et. al


@Lynsey thanks! I should’ve spread the $8 worth of storewide coupons across my items to show a more accurate itemized OOP, but I was “mathed” out by that point. Looking back, I had 10 items, so that’s an additional $0.80 off each item. The chicken, for example, was actually OOP $6.39/2 or $3.20/each. 

@Icequeen813 thought of something else Target-related because UPS just delivered my latest order of clearance clothing! Here’s why you should be buying your clothes at Target: 99 percent of our apparel is Target-owned and comes with a one-year satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you’re not happy with it, return it with no questions asked. I’m a huge fan of our All in Motion athletic wear, which is the brand of the golf shirts delivered today. I buy nearly all of my clothing online when on clearance at Target. There’s a dedicated section, sorted by department with all clearance items, and I check it several times a week. Occasionally, I’ve had instances where the stitching didn’t hold up, but that was after repeated wear and washing. I simply went into my order history on the app, selected the item and reason for return. You can attach a photo, which I recommend, but it’s not required. A free replacement has always been shipped to me at no cost. I didn’t even need to return the defective item and was encouraged to donate it, if it was still wearable. Just last week, a pair of my favorite fleece shorts got snagged on something (no idea if I did it or it happened in the wash), but Target still honored its quality guarantee, and a  replacement arrived two days ago. Anyone with kids would be crazy not to buy Cat & Jack brand kids clothing because even if the kids rips open the knee of his pants from horseplay, Target will replace it for free up to one year. I’ll add this to the other feed, too, because I don’t think many people know this guarantee exists. Here’s my latest order. Regular price $21 each. I got all four for $45 including tax. Guaranteed for one year. Shipping is always free for RedCard holders, and everyone else can get free shipping with orders of $35 or more. 



Re: Stack and Save BTYB Publix, Ibotta, Fetch, et. al

Rewards Hunter

My publix had $1 off hang tags on laughing cow