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Stacking rebates w/ in store BOGO9

Rewards Hunter

Are we able to stack ibotta rebates with in-store BOGO free deals? 

For example: Deal in store is buy one Thomas bagels get one free. Ibotta rebate of $1 off of Thomas bagels that can be used 5 times in single transaction. 

The reason I ask is because I had a rebate not work last week on the "free" item, only the one I paid full price for. 

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Re: Stacking rebates w/ in store BOGO9

Deal Master

I do this all the time at Publix.

If the app doesn't catch that you bought two, change the number purchased.  You will have to scan the UPC codes on both items.

Be sure to check after you submitted it that you got credit for both.

I would open a request with Ibotta with a picture of the receipt and a screenshot of the rebate.  Ibotta Customer Support should give you credit for it.

Re: Stacking rebates w/ in store BOGO9

Deal Ambassador

@RachelO I've ways been able to get ibotta credit for both on a BOGO as well so you should be fine to get the credit if you end up opening a ticket. It might take a few days to get a response back but they ways have gotten back to me and made things right.

Re: Stacking rebates w/ in store BOGO9

Deal Expert

Store prices/sales have nothing to do with ibotta. If you buy 2 and the limit is 5 you'll get the rebate for 2. When you click the item to redeem click quantity to 2 and scan both barcodes

Re: Stacking rebates w/ in store BOGO9

Rewards Hunter

I think it depends on the store's policy. For instance Walgreens with their bogo you must get both items but in Harris Teeter if it is a bogo item and I only get one they charge me half price for the one. Hope this helps? I'm guessing this is the problem due to store policy.


Re: Stacking rebates w/ in store BOGO9

Deal Sharer

Agree that it depends on the store policy. I recently bought an item at Harris Teeter that was listed as “free after offer“. Harris Teeter had it on clearance/sale for half price. The receipt uploaded fine but later I got a denial saying that it was against the store’s policy to reimburse me.