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Suh-WHEET surprise after initial epic bummer

Deal Expert



LN at Kroger upon scanning my receipt I got a 0 offers found message so of course I didn't submit the receipt and reviewed my offers.

I was bummed to find the Ibotta offer for Bearnaked oatmeal was off and really crestfallen when it yanked its Blake's seed bar offer 

Also, on Wednesday I bought a chocolate peanut butter Core oatmeal bar but was credited by Ibotta for the blueberry one, which I bought last night

I immediately thought, ho boy, there go my McSTACKsky's, but I saw my receipt only said Core oatmeal, not specifying which flavor, so I marched back to where the Core bars were, I thought I might scan the peanut butter bar code 

I scanned again and much to my pleasant surprise I got credit for the Core peanut butter bar and the SINGLE Blake's seed bar FAO - can't find those darn things ANYWHERE so I ended up with TWO McSTACKsky's