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Re: Swagbucks- how worried should I be??

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@jlhersback @mom2furkids @Rickibotta  for your receipts that went pending, we’re any of them involving multiples of the same offer in the same receipt?  For example, if you did Baby Ruth, did you buy 8 on one receipt or only, say, 2?  If you bought multiples, did the pending amount reflect the true amount owed or a different amount?


Re: Swagbucks- how worried should I be??

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I have never seen a pend for other than the base  offer amount.  Unfortunately there are times they dont give you proper credit for 2 or 4 offers.

If the base offer is 100SB WYB1 or 400SB WYB2, and you bought 2 or 4, and your pend is 100SB, that is not a good sign, and for me it always credits as WYB1.  But if pend amount is 400SB, they manually have to properly determine how many to credit for.  I have never seen it pend as 800SB in this situation, so it isn't a bad sign when it says 400SB.

I am concerned with all these pend because tickets are such a PITA.

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Re: Swagbucks- how worried should I be??

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@cjwoody Recently I have had both scenarios happen. I purchased 8 Baby Ruth bars at CVS and they went pending for 300, but did process correctly for the full 1200. When I bought the Vitafusion/ Lil Critters (one of each on one receipt) they went pending correctly for the full 700 and posted correctly. Also recently I purchased one Palmolive Shake and Clean refill and it went pending for the 300 for buying two, but processed correctly for 100 since I only bought one. At least they have all processed correctly for me in the end, so no tickets necessary.

Re: Swagbucks- how worried should I be??

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@cjwoody Yes. I had single and multiple offers that went to pending. They all initially went to pending for 4 days and they all paid out at full offer price early between several hours up to 2 days.