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Target - Banza

Skilled Saver

Good deal on Banza pizza in Target. 
Regular price $7.99 - 25% Target circle -$2 peelie -$2 Ibotta. About $2 oop after the rebate. My peelie didn’t come off so she manually took it off if the price which reduced the price the 25% discount by about .50 cents. I’m happy with it anyway. If you can’t find the peelies, then about $4 for a pizza is still not bad if you’re avoiding wheat like I am.

the rice and pasta have 10% off on Target circle as well plus the $1 on Ibotta.

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Re: Target - Banza

Rewards Advocate

@Loves2Save  Are you near a Kroger or an affiliate? There’s a Cappello’s Keto Pizza deal that can be had by stacking Ibotta & KCB up to 5x. Each pizza ends up being $2.99. Have you tried the Cappello’s? I’m hoping you have and can tell me if they’re any good!

Re: Target - Banza

Skilled Saver


I have a Harris Teeter, but I haven’t seen the keto variety anywhere in my local stores yet.

I have tried the regular ones and with a side salad I think they are good. A bit dry like most non-wheat pizzas, just don’t add more cheese yourself as that makes the base a wet mess. Did that a couple of times. But like I said with a salad, I’d load up for an easy meal especially at that price!