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Target Gift Cards 5% off w/TC

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Re: Target Gift Cards 5% off w/TC

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I was going to start a new post but found this one, and it’s sort of related, so decided to add to it. @Welshcar - I hope you don’t mind.

Yesterday, I noticed that two GCs on my Target’s digital wallet completely vanished. One had $3 and another had $5.10 remaining.
I panicked and started to look for the original digital GC, then realized one of them was purchased through this 5% off offer back in June. I opted for ‘Mobile delivery’ and since I already deleted the text with the link to my GC, it became untraceable (I don’t save my old texts in the Cloud either, so once it’s deleted, it’s gone for good. I may need to reconsider this).

Oops, sidetracked. So, I contacted Target’s customer service and the missing amount was eventually reinstated. Luckily, I had a paper receipt showing the last four digits and the exact balance but if I didn’t have that, would they have made me jump through more hoops…?
Anyway, it’s a cautionary tale. If you opt for ‘Mobile delivery’, be sure to keep the text/GC info until the balance is zero!

*Updated with grammatical corrections.