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Target Ibotta deals

Deal Master


More Target shopping (my friend wanted to do the SK bundle) and we ran into another SKer and I asked her if she was SKing. I think she thought I was nuts LOL! Is there SK etiquette? Are you supposed to look away and not make eye contact? 

Ocean Spray Blends $2.99 less 30% TC
(not all blends are 30% off so scan)
$1 Ibotta x2 (buy 2 for $1 bonus) $3 total.  This is pending so I'm hopeful on the $1 bonus

Fruitly $3.99 less 20% TC
$2 Ibotta

Cetaphil buy 3 get $5 Target GC
$5.59 x2 wipes (store only had 2)
$6.39 x1 face wash
Less $6/2 and $2/1
$1.50 x3 Ibotta = $4.50

Total including tax $17.58 (after red card)

$5 GC from the Cetaphil
$9.50 Ibotta

Final cost $3.08 (offset by Grove Co. MM earlier today) and now I'm 1/2 way to my Midweek bonus.

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Re: Target Ibotta deals

Deal Master

Et al, the $1 ocean spray bonus did credit