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Rewards Hunter

When deal stacking at Target they don’t allow computer generated coupons.  Is it just my Target or are yours the same? 

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Re: Target

Rewards Whiz

This is just your Target.

I print out coupons all the time from several sites.  I don't shop Target that much, but I don't remember having a problem with coupons at my Target.  However, I have had problems with Walmart, but I usually get the cashier in the self-serv area to override it.

If your Target won't take coupons you printed from your computer, you can try the app.  If the item is listed in the app, you scan your receipt and then the UPC of the product.  You will get your coupon amount sent to your PayPal account in as little as an hour, but usually in a couple days.

As always, be sure to read the details and make sure the coupon is available at Target.


Re: Target

Deal Master

@Lahoma012  Target is getting stricter.  If you try to use 2 of the same coupons (if you print more than 1 of the same), they won't take them.  Depends on the store of course.  They made me feel like a criminal for using a coupon.  At self checkout - they have to come and "gather the coupons" before finalizing your purchase.  Funny, in Target, I prefer to go to a regular register to check out to avoid that problem.  They aren't as picky there, and generally I use TC offers and digitals.