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Deal Expert


G@w∆ how LAME! 😭😤🤬🤮 I thought I was going to get a rare Ibotta-Shopkick McSTACKsky with Twinings tea infuser, then after scanning my receipt I found to my utter consternation that it's not even an Ibotta offer anymore. 

What really bites is that Shopkick only offered kicks for this from Walmart, otherwise I could have had a TRIPLE PLAY McSTACKsky with Ibotta and Kroger this past Sunday, but I had to settle for a double 

1 VERY SMALL bit of silver lining was that Walmart offers 2-3 more flavors, including blueberry apple, which I bought just a few minutes ago, than Kroger 

Come to think of it, maybe another good thing is that my Mid Week Marker - is that the new name for the Monday through Wednesday short term bonus? - is only 5/$1, which is all fine after an exciting 2BW (Boffo Bonus Weekend) on the heels of another. Today and the past 2 days were great opportunities to go slow and stingy with Ibotta shopping and to get as much bang as possible, i.e., an FAO, McSTACKsky or start, middle or finish of a brand bonus, with just 5 offers to complete