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understanding shopping.

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  1. Just installe. shopkick.  For deal stacking.  Don't understand how to use it.  Gives coupon codes what do I do with these coupon codes?Do I scan at register? Is it done on line?  Do I scan receipts?  I'm lost. 
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Re: understanding shopping.

Deal Master

@newmomma38  I can walk you through shopkick, but your best bet is probably just going over to youtube and watching a video.  You go to the store, make sure the shopkick app is open on the store you want, and walk in the door.  then when you see an item on the app, you scan it (and you'll get 5 kicks, 10 kicks, 30 kicks - whatever the 1st number says), YOU DONT HAVE TO BUY IT TO GET THE KICKS.  Then when you BUY the item, you wait till you are done, scan the receipt and select the items you bought and submit and get the 2nd number of kicks - that's about it.   remember 250 kicks = $1.00 - I usually just take the # of kicks (let's say 500) and divide it by 250 - so 500/250 = $2.00

You can scan everything but that will take you HOURS

easy peasy once you do it once or twice.  If you decide to do a bundle (like I did recently with the 7th generation wipes at Target woo-hoo great deal on the Newborn BAG and wipes (not BOX) - anyway, I digress.  

Really it's easier to watch online than to put into words. 

Let me know what store you are going to, and if it's one I shop at - I'll tell you what you can get.

For example at Walmart

Kelloggs - scan the regular size box and either buy that (or buy the cup and it comes out free). 

Maranatha almond butter - scan the jar and buy the little blue packet (but make sure it says almond butter) and that is also free (MM)

Fruit-telle - cost about 10¢ when you buy and scan

Stack the Sara Lee keto bread w/ Ibotta

Afrin, Advil, Delsyn - are also stackable

Dixie plates I mentioned earlier - good at many stores - print .75 coupon at dixie

Baby dove wipes come out really cheap

Kelloggs jumbo snacks

There are also other HABA deals - but I dont recall right now, and I'm supposed to be working LOL

and that's just off the top of my head. 




Re: understanding shopping.

Deal Master

I did ShopKick years ago, but got tired of it.  Now that I am doing more apps, I added ShopKick back.

A couple of times, when I wasn't in a hurry, I would scan every item I could find to get the scan only points.  But at some point, it would stop counting the points.  It would still allow me to scan, but I got no points.  I don't know why it does it or if there is a maximum number of points you are allowed to get by just scanning.

My understanding was that if you are able to scan an item in the store, you found the right item to purchase.  I actually tried to scan the cup version of Frosted Flakes, but it said it didn't match.  I didn't know you could scan a regular box and then buy the Frosted Flakes in a cup.

One thing I have found that is annoying:  When you take a picture of your receipt, you don't see it.  Several times, the picture was blurry and it was rejected several days later.  Make sure you have plenty of light, too.  The app does not turn on the light on your phone.