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Unilever ice cream double play McSTACKsky

Deal Expert



I was going to do this post yesterday but I just couldn't find the wherewithal to do it until just now. Had I done this last night, I would have inserted the phrase '- I HOPE!' at the end of the title, because Shopkick has been pretty bad about stiffing me on 'kick' claims this year, often with vague 'we can't find any items matching kick claims' which would necessitate jumping on chili 

Well, a few hours ago on rummaging through my Shopkick activity notification ledger I was so pleasantly surprised to find Shopkick delivered the Unilever ice cream bundle, no fuss'r'muss!😅 

I'd be remiss if I didn't say Shopkick similarly covered itself in glory this past Labor Day weekend with my kicks claim for Cheribundi - I think that got me a triple play with Shopkick, Ibotta and KCB