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Very small WF shop - Fody sauce moneymaker

Deal Master


A quick stop at Whole Foods combining a few deals and a new coupon from Stonyfield. I also have a prime account.  All prices are AFTER the prime discount (and .20 bag fee refund)

Snacklins on sale $3.32 (w/ prime, look for peelies, my store had none) - $2 Aisle

Orgain kids shakes $3/5 (or 2/$3 with prime disc) - $3.99 Ibotta for .99 mm

Fody Basil pasta sauce $4.94 (w/prime) - $2 hangtag - $4 Ibotta (limit 3 but I bought 2) $1.06 mm on each.

Stonyfield 4 pack $4.50 each (w/prime) - $1.25 email coupon - $1.50 Ibotta.  My parfait offer is gone!

Final cost $15.25 - $2.00 aisle - $13.59 Ibotta, so a small mm of .24

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Re: Very small WF shop - Fody sauce moneymaker

Core Shopper

@FelskyNY  Hope to find the Fody tomorrow!… How many times have you grabbed the Orgain?  I think it reset for me about 5 times.  One thing I’ve learned through Ibotta is that I am very much into kid size portions!


Re: Very small WF shop - Fody sauce moneymaker

Deal Master

@cjwoody  I only grabbed the Orgain twice because I generally go to WF about once a week or so, but I was in the area earlier, so I figured I'd stop in.  Make sure you scan the Fody sauce on Ibotta, it's only good on the basil - limit 3 as I said, but there were only 2 "hangtags" - but you can always check the other Fody products for more (ketchup).  I didn't think of it until after I left.  

As for kids portions, the Stonyfield is "kids" too - but yumm -that was my lunch. 

I did grab 4 more Poland Spring Origin water at Shoprite - that's 16 total so far (it keeps resetting) 4/$6 ($4 Ibotta, $1.50 Catalina).  Final cost 4/.50 - and I actually found a FA ES and SH (field agent eye spy and scavenger hunt) so that shopping trip I made $11.50 - .50 cost of water - $11 profit.