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Re: WAGS: 4 FREE Fun Sized Bags (10 oz each) Candy using SB/IR

Core Shopper

@Rickibotta  I’m wondering if it was a glitch in the matrix.  The offer is gone for me now like others are reporting.  I will keep me eyes out for it on Sunday juuuuuust in case.


Re: WAGS: 4 FREE Fun Sized Bags (10 oz each) Candy using SB/IR



I actually redeemed IB first, which is how I realized I had three as it only detected 3 on the receipt. Wasn't sure how Swag would deal with 3 instead of 4 but then... it's gone.

A slightly different case maybe but I don't feel too dishonest about keeping one free bag from WAG. I've had offers not come off several times and haven't bothered to do anything since they're in the $1 range and it seemed too much of a hassle (Lazy/hate haggling over $1). The other week $10 didn't come off a transaction though and it was a big line so I just called customer service and it was discovered I had two accounts both with rewards cash, no less, so they got merged and that explains a few missed deals and they credited me the $10.

Ultimately I don't really want any of the candy though if I have to pay for it because I really don't need it haha. That I redeemed IB complicates things but also seems like a hassle to go return bags since Walgreens is really only on my regular route on Fridays.


Re: WAGS: 4 FREE Fun Sized Bags (10 oz each) Candy using SB/IR

Deal Master

For those who were lucky enough to do this deal, or even those who missed it, I wanted to make you all aware that SB added an offer for the share bags again earlier this week, but it is a paltry 75 SB right now

WAGS has the fun sized bags for $1.99 right now.  There is no IR (at least for me).

Maybe we will luck out and the SB offer will increase in payout.  Even if it bumped to 200SB tomorrow that would be awesome.  Anyway, keep an eye on the WAGS price, IRs, and SB payout in the next few weeks.


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