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Walgreens $0.50 Hershey Company Candy Bars

Super Saver

🍫 Walgreens has several different full-size Hershey Company candy bars on sale 2 for $2.00, and there is a store coupon for $1 off 2, making each one $0.50.  My understanding is that the SQ is unlimited.

I have a $5 WYS $20 digital booster and a $7 WYS $25 paper booster to stack.  So I think I can get 50 candy bars for $13 or $0.26 each ($50/50 - $25/50 SQ - $12 boosters).

I don’t need all this candy, but I am thinking ahead for Halloween.  Is this a good price, and/or is there a better way to do the deal?

Not sure that I want to pull the trigger.  I could potentially stockpile Mamba for the next six weeks instead.


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Re: Walgreens $0.50 Hershey Company Candy Bars

Deal Master



As I was reading the top of your post. I thought about your mamba as well.  Keep working the mamba. Max it out.  You need to roughly know how many trickortreaters you want to plan for.

You can always split one mamba pack in two,  putting two bricks each into a baggy.  

Here is the most important part.

Do not eat any mamba yourself, or there won't be any left 4 the kids.

If u want 2 b a boss and hand out full bars of good candy, then I do think this would be about as good as the price gets, unless the SB offer comes back for butterfingers, Baby Ruth, and  crunch.

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Re: Walgreens $0.50 Hershey Company Candy Bars

Super Saver

@Rickibotta  Thanks for the insight!  My paper booster expires on 9/17, so I will chew on this idea for a few more days.  Too bad the Ibotta Candy Call It promo is just for Mars Corp products.  Oh well, I will keep my eyes peeled for another Hershey offer to stack.