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Walgreens Pickup Online Orders

Deal Master

I have a question related to Ibotta and Walgreens Online orders.

I have seen posts outside of the Ibotta Community where people are placing Pickup orders at Walgreens for items that do have Ibotta rebates.  They do not place the order through Ibotta, so they are NOT getting 1%.  They receive a register receipt when they pick it up and then submit it to Ibotta.

Is this allowed?  I have had enough issues with reversals of Walgreens Online Orders due to the restrictions on what I can buy to get a penny per dollar spent.  Can I submit a Pickup receipt to Ibotta for items that are listed under in-store? 



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Re: Walgreens Pickup Online Orders

Deal Ambassador

@mmoore01 , yes, it is a regular register receipt. I have done this quite a bit. But make sure, as you mentioned, that you do not go through Ibotta to place the order. If you get credit for it as an online purchase, you cannot get the in store credit. Also, if you would normally earn RR’s on your items in store, you also get them when picking up your curbside pickup. (I always go in store to pickup so I can personally see if anything from the Cat machine prints out.)