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Re: Walgreens Unilever Fetch

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I don't have access to their goals.

Any mention of how much if I eat a whole quart of ice cream in one sitting?

Or if I binge watch a series for 20 hours.  I estimate a half mile of walking during that time.

All the going downstairs to get a drink and all the trips to the bathroom since I am old now.

All of that movement must add up, but I am too cheap to get a fitbit, so I am just estimating  🤣

“2022 New Year's Resolution: It’s time for me to be doing what I have been doing and that time is every day .”

Re: Walgreens Unilever Fetch

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@Rickibotta  Your phone should have a built in pedometer, so you could link WG app for an easy auto-tracking, if you prefer. My current activities are doing yoga and tracking my expenses, so I self report that ever day (but you could opt to update a week’s worth at once).
You’d be surprised how much those little steps to the fridge and the bathroom could add up! Just make sure your phone is on you at all times and try not to put that in your back pocket where accidental fall into ‘you-know-where’ is a possibility…😱

Re: Walgreens Unilever Fetch


@Xiao  I haven’t but I’ll check on it. Guess I should have checked earlier before mowing two yards. 😅 

(’๏_๏`) The moment you realize 2022 is pronounced “2020 too”.