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Walmart and CVS extreme discounts

Deal Sharer


Free/MM Merci chocolate. 4.37 each x3 -9 swagbucks -1.37(×3) checkout51

Free/MM werther caramels: 2.18×5 -2.18×5 c51 - 4 swagbucks (and maybe ibotta if u haven't already redeemed it)

CLR sports stain remover: 2.34 -1 ibotta (cheap stain remover in general and seems like easy way to get to the jack o lantern bonus)

Carbona stain remover 2.34-1 ibotta (I swear by this product! It is amazing and can get just about anything out!) Another good Jack o lantern option 


CVS: subscribe to their $10 monthly credit for $5 a month!

5 Almond joy/reeses/milky way bags: $5/15 

$5 CVS coupon on the app

$15 -5 -5 = $5 total or $1 per bag! 


I'm going to go back today and get CVS vitamins (I need to let my $10 credit renew) They have a lot of b1g1 Free right now, and a $5 off CVS vitamins coupon AND a 20% off CVS health brands coupon on the app! 


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Re: Walmart and CVS extreme discounts

Ultimate Saver

I got a $5 coupon from CVS that expired last night.  I used it to buy GM cereal on sale, two Special K bars BOGO and some nail polish that was 2 for $5 - $4 EB.

I was not aware that Walmart had Merci for $4.37.  The last time I looked, it was over $5.00.  I will have to check it out again.


Update: I just checked the Walmart app and my store has Merci for $5.48.  $4.37 is a good price.

Re: Walmart and CVS extreme discounts

Deal Master


Lucky you.   I have never seen Merci anywhere for $4.37,    It has always been $5.48 at my WM.

Good find.

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Re: Walmart and CVS extreme discounts

Super Saver


I paid for the CVS carepass annually for $48 making it only $4 a month. Just another way to save. I hear people complaining about not getting good crts after they joined, but I haven’t experienced that problem. But I don’t shop there every week either.