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Walmart Grocery Pickup & Delivery

Rewards Whiz

I have done Walmart Grocery Pickup several times.  Each time, I learn a little more about how the process works.

This past weekend, I submitted an order with my Ibotta linked and used the Chrome Extension to place my order.

I have always turned substitutions off on every Ibotta item.  But I read somewhere on Ibotta Community that you can select what is substituted for each item ordered.

The previous time I placed a Pickup order, I selected a specific flavor of Chobani Flips, but they didn't have this flavor when my order was picked.  Of course, I didn't get a rebate either.

But there are flavors I don't care for.  So, when I ordered Chobani Flips this weekend, I clicked Edit on the Substitution area and it gave me a list of several other flavors.  I selected what I wanted and felt my chances of getting what I wanted would be much greater and still get my Ibotta rebate.

One of the items I selected was dry cat food.  I wanted to get the BEST price for the brand I wanted, so I selected the 22 lb bag.  However, my wife said it was too big, so I changed it to a 7 lb bag.  When I set up the substitution, I selected the 16 lb size.  When the order was filled, I got the 16 lb bag for the 7 lb bag price.  I saved $11.00.

Of the 21 items I purchased, I had set up substitutions for 13 of them.  Only the cat food was not available, but from now on, I will set up substitutions for as many products that I can and make sure the substitution is also a valid Ibotta item.


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Re: Walmart Grocery Pickup & Delivery

Rewards Guide

Thanks for this information.  I used Walmart pick up for the first time this week.  Two of my Ibotta items were not available so I fell one short of what I needed.  This is very helpful!

Re: Walmart Grocery Pickup & Delivery

Super Saver

I frequently get larger sizes, more expensive varieties and brands for substitutions. It’s like an extra bonus.


Re: Walmart Grocery Pickup & Delivery

Core Shopper

I had the same issue this weekend. I had rejected all substitutions because they were different from what I wanted and I wouldn't get an ibotta offer. But low.ans behold when I checked my bags they have me the 6 items subs anyways for free lol. When I place my.pick up order it doesn't let me choose what to substitute the item with. Oh well