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Walmart MM

Super Saver

Here are 2 Walmart moneymakers this week

Poise 28 ct ultra Thin Pads - 4.84 less 2 coupon less 2.50 Ibotta less 2.53 Fetch = 2.19 MM

i later saw that it will also work on 30 ct Pink Pads and Fetch will give 4.56 back. I have another coupon and am waiting on my Ibotta to reset to do that deal.

Rolaids 60 ct Chewable- 3.44 less 2.50 coupon less 1.50 Ibotta = .56 MM

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Re: Walmart MM

Rewards Whiz

Fetch offers can be different for each user.  The only offer I have for Poise is 1500 points once I buy $10.00.

Re: Walmart MM


My three grown daughters and I never have the same offers in our fetch or Ibotta accounts we all have offered that are different but will have just a few that is the same.

Re: Walmart MM

Super Saver


Oh, I had 2000 points on 1 poise pads (limit 2) and then another 2500 points on 1 poise pads above 28 ct (limit 2) that I did not see until after I bought the 28 ct. and went to redeem it. Since my coupons had a use only 1 limit, I did it in 4 separate shopping trips, and waited (and prayed) for Ibotta to reset each time. It took me 2 weeks. But when I bought the 30 ct pink pads, it gave me both bonuses at once. I normally buy the ultra thin pads only - just in case I may need them one day and FREE is good, but MM is SO much better. If I don’t use them in 3 months - then I will donate to a charity or someone that needs them.
For some reason, people come to me all the time and ask if I know someone who has this or that. Like at Christmas, I was helping two local families with clothes and one family had received a large food donation and they felt it was too much, so she asked me if I knew another family that needed food. I told her yes and delivered the food to the other family. I am kinda the go to person in my small town of 1,000 people. I recently learned that the local leaders when they don’t know the answer tell people to go ask Janet. I guess when you volunteer a lot - words spreads.