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Whole Foods 10-08-21 and Peelies!

Deal Master


Quick Whole Foods trip. Was hoping to find the Barnana crisps. But they weren't stocking yet.

Note the peelies on the Partake and Fodi sauce!

2 Clio less sugar bars (used my 2 free coupons from Clio club) .50 back on Ibotta mm

Theo bites free text offer. Receipt is pending. See my other post with details.

Partake cookies. $4.99 each - $1 peelies on each. Paid $7.98 - $4.99 Ibotta - $4 Aisle for a $1.01 moneymaker

Fody basil pasta sauce on sale $5.99 - .60 Prime - $2 peelie - $4 Ibotta for a .61 mm (buy 2 if you find peelies)

Beyond good choc bar $3.99 - $3.99 Ibotta. FREE

PAID $22.10 received $13.98 Ibotta, $4 Aisle pending, $5.99 Theo rebate pending

Net moneymaker of $1.87 after tax!

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Re: Whole Foods 10-08-21 and Peelies!

Deal Ambassador

@FelskyNY WooHoo! The peelie gods were smiling on you today! Love it! You did amazing! Thanks for sharing!


Re: Whole Foods 10-08-21 and Peelies!

Deal Master

@mom2furkids   I know it's peelie day - I just like to point them out so people know to LOOK for them.  Of course I happened to see one on the Partake cookies and had to dig to find another.  I didn't take any extras and hopefully someone else will know to dig to find them.  I was planning on paying .50 a box - so having it turn into a moneymaker was great!  

On the Fody sauce, I didn't know it was on sale again (I should have bought 2 even without another coupon) -  There are OTHER Fody products in WF - so check the other condiments (ketchup etc.) and maybe you'll score some peelies.  I literally found the 1 and that was it.