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WM/frys small hauls with big impact on WW

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 leaves me 2 more needed to finish WW. I could have sworn I saw kleenex 3 packs yesterday, but not there today. I think I was seeing things again lol. I went with 2 pack to use the FAO offer.

From WM

Depends $$1.03MM

2pk kleenex$2.98-1.89IB=$1.09(.54 per box)



CLR$4.93-1.25IB=3.86(this was requested by my husband. Couldnt find a coup to stack but still glad I saved

Spent $26.65(incl tx)$6.12

Next I went to Frys

2 5pk zebra pens 4.33incl tax(1.99each)-$3IB-$3KCB=$1.67 MM

All said and done, I spent $4.45. Would love to have done all for free but the CLR got in my way and I'm blaming my husband! His defense is the CLR is for something on my honey-do list. That excuse makes it almost ok lol.

One mentionable that's pretty cool is I cashed out a $25GC from Fetch to pay for Walmart so I reinvested  money instead of spending "new" money. With Ibotta and cash back, I  converted most of the $25GC into cash back into my bank account. 



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Re: WM/frys small hauls with big pact

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I scored 1 Ibotta-Kroger McSTACKsky with CLR 2-3 weeks ago; I started my Mrs Freshley's bonus Tuesday with the Reese's cupcakes (those are Hostess cupcakes by another name and flavor)


Re: WM/frys small hauls with big pact

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@RCKCreatEnt I saw the KCB on CLR but my IB was for WM only. Was bummed! There is also the  KCB onRise Cold brew for $1 each and $1 on2 in Ibotta. They are on sale of $2 so if you buy 2, you would get $2 KCB and $1 IB making them .50 each. I passed on it tho as I really don't care for them. I have 2 items left to make my WW and I'd like to find 2 MM to off set my $4 spend earlier today.