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WM: Skittles Theater Box - 3.5 oz - up to $1.30 moneymaker (limit 1 per day)

Deal Master

To optimize this deal, you must use SK and SB.

For those heading to WM for other deals, this is a small moneymaker around $1, depending on SK offer and SB

Regular Price:  $1.24 less $2.44 SK (610 kicks, including 10 scan kicks) less 10¢ SB = $1.30 moneymaker

I have redeemed this 5 times, and it now has grayed out in SK so is no longer usable for me.  Each time SK paid out immediately and reset as well.  I only redeemed once a day because I wanted to avoid using twice in the same day even if it reset because it may not allow that.  Regardless, I completed the deal 5 times in 5 days.  The SB deal for 10SB also reset each day.

If you are gong to WM anyway, this is a nice freebie with a decent little cash as well.

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