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#1 tip for saving money?

Rewards Hunter

What is the #1 tip you give on saving money? My go to is make a list and STICK to it! 

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Re: #1 tip for saving money?

Shopping Enthusiast

Try to match store sales with coupons, rebates and bonuses.  You are right, having a plan before you go shopping is crucial.

Re: #1 tip for saving money?

Deal Expert


Spend less than you planned to spend.


Re: #1 tip for saving money?

Deal Master

Know the difference between wants and needs.

Avoid financing depreciating assets.  Cash is king.

Dollar-cost average investment instruments

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Re: #1 tip for saving money?

Core Shopper

In that same vein, I would say not to chase every couponing deal that comes your way. That’s just a recipe for disaster and overspending. When I shop my Ibotta deals, or coupon at CVS, I never spend actual money from my wallet/bank account. I’m continually rolling gift cards or store money, (extrabucks). I don’t purchase coupons or inserts from sites.  I buy 3 newspapers from Dollar Tree, and scavenge extra coupons from the town recycling center, (which can be hit or miss). I also keep a detailed tally as I shop so there are no surprises at the checkout. 

Re: #1 tip for saving money?

Deal Master

Price around.  For example.  The free pizza is good at so many stores.  Stop and Shop was cheapest by me, so I bought it there for a moneymaker. 

Clearance is your friend. 

Stack various savings apps with digital coupons and sales.

Don't snooze on Ibotta offers - some of the disappear quickly.

Try to complete a bonus only when it doesn't cost you to do so.  Sometimes it isn't worth completing a bonus just for the sake of doing so.

Re: #1 tip for saving money?

Skilled Saver

I don't coupon as much as I used to as my boys are grown up and out on their own. When I did coupon, I would buy a GC equal to the value of the coupons used. When I used the GC, I would put the cash value aside in an envelope, and that was always saved for a rainy day or two. 

Don't be afraid to buy meat/poultry that has been marked down due to expiry dates. I've had some great savings there.

Scour this site before you leave home! I won't enter a store without checking here first.

Re: #1 tip for saving money?


I go between the ibotta app, local weekly coupons, and scan everything on the Walmart app! ( a lot of stuff is lower priced on the walmart app, you just have to scan the product and show the cashier to get it)

Re: #1 tip for saving money?

Shopping Enthusiast


  1. Know your store sale cycles times
  2. avoid shopping on the end caps
  3. look for products with attached coupons
  4. sign-up for retailer loyalty programs 
  5. Stock up on the consumables when on sale
  6. rotate your stock 
  7. clip paper and digital coupons
  8. refer to Ibotta community often to see what deals other app users are finding




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Re: #1 tip for saving money?

Core Shopper

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