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3 Least Favorite Stores to Shop& Why

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Hi ,gang it’s poll time... least popular stores to shop& why. Mine are,Whole Foode,Fresh Market& Publix ( except for bogo). The reason , the prices are higher.

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Re: 3 Least Favorite Stores to Shop& Why


Walmart to many people! But I still go.  That'd about it for me


Re: 3 Least Favorite Stores to Shop& Why

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I only have 2 stores, HEB and Walmart.  Both small, neither have much variety on the offers (like no cracker barrel cheese, brands of butter, Burts Bees, etc).  I don't like groceries on line.  No delivery out here in the sticks.  If I have to drive the 15 miles, I will just go in to see what I am getting.

Re: 3 Least Favorite Stores to Shop& Why

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Trader Joe''s -- too far away

Sprouts --- Too far away - across the street from Trader Joe's

Vons - prices are too high

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Re: 3 Least Favorite Stores to Shop& Why

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Harvey’s produce and meat do not look good most of the time. And sometimes the store smells.

Walmart would have to be sometimes  Way to many people. Where do they come from.


Re: 3 Least Favorite Stores to Shop& Why

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My answer is based on my regular shopping habits:  most things I buy are on sale, include one or more rebates and/or coupons.  For example,. if it is something I use, I will buy 5 or 10 when I can get a $5 item for under $1.  I am not brand  sensitive, so I will get whatever brand I can get the best deal on.  I am almost entirely driven by extreme sales each week.


  • High prices.  There simply is no way shopping at Walmart can come close to Kroger if you are buying things on sale with rebates and coupons, especially with mega savings at Kroger and their KCB as well. 
  • Availability.  Most of the FREE or nearly free items are not available at my Walmarts in Indy.
  • Horrible website.   Way too difficult to search only for things at B&M stores, or just my store.  I shouldn't have to keep telling over and over that I only want to see things at my store.  The worst website experience for me of any major retailer, and it isn't even close.


Walgreens - Have troubles with coupons on a regular basis.  And if it doesn't work the first time, and they cancel the order, it does not move any DQ back into your store coupon inventory.  So you lose the coupon.

Dollar General - Like Walgreen's, if you are using a lot of coupons and stacking them, there often are troubles.  And while their Save $5 off of $25 coupons work properly if you use a printable coupon, they do not work with the digital one;.  Even their app will let you use the $5 off $25 BEFORE other DQs, but at the register doesn't work.:

"about me: Suburbs of Indianapolis Indiana. BOILER UP!! Favorite stores: Kroger & Meijer"