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$500 Club

Rewards Hunter

So excited I reached the $500 club this week and have only been a saver since 10/15/2020. I love Ibotta, all of the rebates and bonuses are great. Whenever I do have an issue, it gets remedied fairly quick. I’ve tried other saver sites but Ibotta is easier and gives better options. 

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Re: $500 Club

Deal Ambassador

Congrats @JS2354 !

I started in November and have the same feelings you do about Ibotta. 💕 It is by far my favorite cash back app. They make it so easy and rewarding. I am so appreciative for this great company. So happy you’re enjoying it too!

Re: $500 Club

Super Saver

Congratulations 🎈 You’re doing great.  Ibotta is so much fun!

Re: $500 Club


Awesome 👏 😎 🤩