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Activate ANY ITEM offers PLUS scan items in-store

Super Saver

Some of you know that I advocate regularly searching "any item" in the ibotta app and always activate all the "any item" offers (regardless of whether I may purchase an eligible offer). I do this because it makes it easier to spot new offers without needing to re-read the terms.

Since "any item" offers currently apply to most major bonuses, it's especially relevant to take advantage of them! 

Now here's a tip for newbies: Another reason to both ACTIVATE them PLUS scan items in-store: Yesterday while I was scanning in-store (to confirm the bottle of ROAR matched the ROAR offer), I found that all of the flavors matched, but only ONE flavor matched BOTH the Roar-offer PLUS an "any item" offer. That was so cool since I needed only 2 offers to complete Cold Hard Cash bonus....and my choosing Roar's Cucumber Watermelon flavor made that happen!

YAY for "any item" offers!!!!
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Re: Activate ANY ITEM offers PLUS scan items in-store

Core Shopper

Yes indeed! It's not uncommon that ANY ITEM offers happen to match barcodes I scan. When scanning the barcode of Walmart receipts, it automatically selects applicable ANY ITEM offers I've activated. When shopping at other stores, I need to remember to select those ANY ITEM offers when submitting my receipts. I agree, every little ANY ITEM offer can really make a difference when working toward a major bonus!