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advancing to Midweek Mistletoe

Deal Expert



yesterday morning when I first checked my Ibotta app I saw I had no Midweek Mistletoe (2M)..., or so I thought. I checked in again later in the afternoon & lo and behold, there it was - happened to me with the last Weekend Wonderland as well.  My current 2M is 15/$1, not great by any stretch but when I have a month long marathon bonus to chase (Merry & Bright, complete 140 offers before The Witching Hour of New Year's Day 4 $45) that's all good and even if it was yuckier, like 18/$3, or REALLY YUCKY, like 20/$1, it's all totally tolerable when there's a concurrent larger bonus to chase after

as to this Publix trip I'm displaying, hunting trophy brag-worthy it ain't, but all the same I still completed TWO OFFERS, cheap as they may be.  However, en route to ANY bonus, usually at least half the offers you might complete are this routine and unspectacular - read that, newbies and those who are a half year+ into Ibotta but still haven't 'got it's?