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Re: Amazon fresh

Deal Master

I don't think I would want to live in Orlando.  Too busy.  Traffic jams everywhere and toll roads....  Don't get me started on all the tool roads.

I am happy where I am, but sometimes Melbourne is too crowded for me.


Re: Amazon fresh

Deal Master


I also have to believe it is a different experience living in any tourist trap area. 

Probably more grifters and such. 

And 'friends' and family would want to visit and go to the places you are sick of or have no interest in going to.

“You can evict us from the community. But you will never HAVE the community. We take it with us.". BOILER UP!!"

Re: Amazon fresh (review)

Deal Ambassador

@FelskyNY @jrb2000us4 @mmoore01 

I went to Amazon Fresh (AF) for the first time today and it was a DELIGHTFUL experience. I don’t often use that word when referring to AMZ, so it was a rare exception.😂
I had a $10 off $20 coupon, so bought 2 bottles of their own brand Extra **bleep** Olive Oil $10.98 (101 oz), then applied a GC from my AMZ app to pay the balance, so nothing oop! 
I only had a little time to shop, so didn’t get to explore the store much but definitely stand corrected on my previous comment about AF and WF looking similar. AF doesn’t look or feel like WF at all - it’s more ‘edgy’, while WF is ‘wholesome’.  
This particular store opened just two moths ago, so it was still very new and clean. There were about five registers with real cashier persons. No CB for bringing your own bag but overall, I was happy with my experience!