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Android App Receipt Photo Issues

Rewards Hunter

Just this week, I am now having trouble getting the Android app (phone); to take photos of receipts.  No matter how I position the receipt inside the guidelines, it tells me that the photo is no good. 

The first time I submitted the receipt anyway, Ibotta ended up rejected it 24 hours later, completely losing one $2 deal (guess it expired or it didn't get reloaded to my account).

The second time I submitted, again with the app complaining about each photo, it was accepted right away.

I'm bummed that I missed out on an offer because of this problem and I'd love a fix for the future if anyone can explain how to fix this new receipt photo issue!


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Re: Android App Receipt Photo Issues

Deal Expert

Look for an app update, uninstall reinstall the app, shut phone off on, wifi on off, clear cookies cache. These are the normal fixes when people have problems. If you did all this and it's still not working you will need to put in a ticket with pictures of everything to get our credit if it's in the 7 day time frame.


Re: Android App Receipt Photo Issues

Deal Master

If it was me, I would open a request anyway, even if it has been more than 7 days.  This assumes you still have the receipt and you can take pictures of the front of the package and the UPC.

You tried to send the receipt, it's not your fault.  You did buy the product as required.


Re: Android App Receipt Photo Issues

Core Shopper

Hmm I have a Samsung and haven't had any issues. Maybe Uninstall and reinstall