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Another Walmart Grocery Pickup poopfest

Core Shopper

I have not received my $30 from Ibotta because Walmart pickup has failed to change my grocery pickup status from ready for pickup  to picked up in their system.  

I picked my order up  a little after 10am yesterday. It ran a bit late (weekend and all) but my order status was stuck on delayed for the rest of the day. I have called twice and chatted with three reps.  I have managed to get a refund on items that I didn’t receive (couldn’t do it online because again -my order status was stuck on order delayed) but for the life of me the best I have been able to manage so far was getting the status of my order from delayed to order is ready  to be picked up. I have a sinking feeling that status will change to cancelled after the 48 hour pickup window is  finished in the morning. 
Has this happened to anyone else ?  I had one chat rep reply “Good news your order is now ready” after I explained the situation.