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Attempt to knock out half time bonus! (Kroger, Publix, CVS, Target)

Skilled Saver

Total - $3.05.   Tried to knock out the last 6 offers I need to get the $5 halftime bonus tonight – still short one. Hoping Carbona resets tomorrow for Publix as will be MM.  Not all these are IR but Kroger had some great deals with paper coupons!


More rice to give away! 1.67x5-$5IR-2C51 = 0.32 MM (I may have to actually try the Harissa rice this weekend since love harissa)

Mtn Dew energy – free Publix DC


1 SH nails (very annoyed I bought this – I incorrectly remembered C51 offer was $3.  I do not need more polish!!) 10.5 (less 40% CVS off, - $3 IR – 2 C5 = $1.  Thought was going to be free.  oh well.


All power packs (buy 5 of various items (each referenced below) get 1$ off) 1.99-2 paper coupon – free

All liquid 1.99- 1.50 paper coupon  = -.50

Crystal light 1.49 (x2) –  two .50 IR and two .10 KCB = 1.78

Snuggle – free (used paper coupon – didn't realize I used the wrong one and store associate had to come over and didn’t look at it and just rang it up – should have been $.50 but ended up free.

Thomas chocolate croissants  2.34 – 1.25 IR – 1KCB (note you can use the KBC 2x ,and doesn’t have to be same trx) = 0.09


Revlon foundation (note – check the price – was still marked almost $5 but when you scan it, rings up as $2.99 - $3IR = Free




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