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Back to the root soil: free @ Lowes Thru fetch

Skilled Saver

My fetch offer for the back to the roots soil reappeared on fetch today free at Lowe’s. At the bottom it said it was good for two more redemptions, so I bought two more. I did put them on separate receipts as I wasn’t sure if it would work otherwise. Both of them went through immediately! So check your fetch offers. 
you also get 6% back on Lowe’s gift cards purchased through Ibotta right now  So I paid for them with Ibotta a gift cards which helped me get my five dollar weekend Bonus. 

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Re: Back to the root soil: free @ Lowes Thru fetch

Deal Expert


The 1cu ft  size is a huge 🦄 in my area.  There are very few bttr items at my local Lowe's (4 of them near me!). I have found the 6qt bags at Walmart and the 12qt seed mix. I like the product and would love to get more but I will have to wait for better prices.