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Bed Bath and Beyond closing more stores in 2022

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Bath Bed and Beyond announced they will close an additional 37 stores this year.  This creates a savings opportunity for Ibotta users.  In addition to clearance prices shoppers may have an opportunity to stack savings by using Ibotta gift cards and store coupons.  Check in store first before purchasing gift cards to pay for your purchase. If closure operations are turned over to a liquidator, they only take cash and credit, all sales are final. but still a good opportunity to save. 

Map: Bed Bath & Beyond is closing more stores in 2022 here's where they are (

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Re: Bed Bath and Beyond closing more stores in 2022

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@OBSHOP  My local store is closing too.  I can't remember the last time I actually stepped foot in there, but I may keep an eye out for some clearance.  I did shop at Harmon Drugs and they accept BBB coupons, but I guess I won't be getting the coupons any longer. 


Re: Bed Bath and Beyond closing more stores in 2022

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I stopped by one of the stores that was closing in my travels this week. The majority of the items are 20% off except for holiday and beauty which were 40%. They are not accepting coupons unless you're a BB&B+ member and all sales are final.