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Blur Receipt and Can’t Access earnings

Rewards Hunter

I have had 2 receipts in lately that were blurry because the register was running low on ink. The first was at Target. I loaded my receipt and it was accepted. Then I noticed missing items and tried to reload. They were not accepted. I needed those two for the $20 bonus. So I went back in the store to ask for a new receipt at customer service. They could do it but called a manager and he went to an office and came back about 5 min later with a printed sheet. That was initially rejected. I just got word after sending messages to Help I was credited the other 2 after I bought more items

Then we got another blurry receipt. I submitted it. No offers showed so I scanned and loaded them. Looked like they were accepted. My earnings didn’t change and when I clicked on earnings, it just spun and spun. I have signed out and  changed my password. I even added a new receipt that was accepted, but I still canot check my earnings. Sometimes it says I have no internet connection. When I do. Ian very frustrated. It is not my fault. 

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Re: Blur Receipt and Can’t Access earnings

Rewards Whiz

Been there, done that.  I actually returned my purchase once because the receipt was so bad.  I had a receipt rejected once because the top of the Target receipt didn't say Target, though it said Target elsewhere on the receipt.  

Target doesn't have an easy way to get a new receipt after you check out.  I received a sheet from them once and knew I would have problems since it didn't look like a receipt at all.

If you have problems in the future, be sure to open a ticket with Ibotta and attach pictures of everything, even the items and UPCs.  If all else fails, then take the items back to the store.