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Brag Alert

Super Saver

So I casually strolled into Walmart to purchase any "free after offer" items they might have available. I found 2 (Flow & Gatorade bar). YAY.

When I went to submit it, I realized those 2 purchases also just happened to match 4 "any offers." (If you don't have a calculator that totals 6 offers).

Considering I needed only 5 offers for my Weekend Winter Wonderland bonus....I'd say I got a surprising & satisfying BINGO!
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Re: Brag Alert

Deal Master

@What-Shot  I'm not sure if I'm more jealous that you found the Flow and Gatorade, that your bonus was 5 items (mine was 10 for $1) or that you attached all the any's!   Great job - and so very satisfying I'm sure. 

and come on, we never complacently "casually stroll" into WalMart - we are on high alert looking for clearance tags, peelies and the elusive Himalayan Mountain Dew.