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Butterball turkey denial


Very angry! I am a long time ibotta user, over $1600 so I understand how it operates. My walmart had none of the Turkey roasts so upon rereading the offer noticed that it was good on other butterball turkeys. Scanned the butterball ready to roast and offer matched. Redeemed the receipt and showed as offer matched but then the $9.98 was not included in the total. Resubmitted, same thing. Emailed help and was told product did not match. Very aggravated. Never had upc and offer match and then not paid.  I submitted help ticket again...anyone else have this issue? 

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Re: Butterball turkey denial

Deal Expert

is it still pending? pending amounts are always wrong when they go through it's correct. normally it's up to 48 hours some people have stated 3-5 days some longer. also there's no need to put up multiple posts of the same thing it clogs up the feed.