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Can't find this item button

Rewards Whiz

Ibotta has a button on every rebate that lets Ibotta know you were not able to find the product at a specific store.

I noticed that someone posted a question on this site asking what this button actually does.  I would hope it tells Ibotta you are not finding it, but you were looking for it.

I was wondering, how many people here have ever selected this button and selected your store on the map?

I would hope it helps Ibotta forecast how many people are interested in this offer, but can't find it.  Maybe they investigate and find it is in the wrong category (I have seen fresh meat products listed under Frozen Foods).  Maybe it was released regionally.  

When I can't find a new product (many times free) after many weeks of looking, I will click on this button and let Ibotta know my store doesn't carry it.

Does it really help or just make me feel better?

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Re: Can't find this item button

Deal Master

@mmoore01  I would like to think the former, but most likely the latter.  The whole idea behind Ibotta (IMO) is customer acquisition (as I've said in the past). If you watch Shark Tank - you may know what that is. In fact, that's where the app CoinOut comes from.  Anyway, it's to get advertising for your product and entice people to try it.  Therefore, the "button" saying you can't find the item is probably linked in some way to the # of offers actually redeemed.  So I will digress, and say hopefully the former, the companies are being informed of the WANT for a product in a certain demographic area (and if it helps you sleep better at night, that's just a bonus).

Re: Can't find this item button

Super Saver

Good answer. I also like to let them know that I am looking for an item. I like to think it helps !