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Cash back at Kroger barely < $ spent

Deal Expert




Just like a week ago, I was only 3 deals away from a bonus double play, 3 for MW2M and JUST ONE MORE for my RB. Unlike last week, however, I didn't profit (then again that's MOST receipt submissions).

I was hoping to use my $1 off printed coupon for 3 Evolution Fresh juices and get $1.50 from Ibotta then buy 2 cheap items for low cash back. However Evolution Fresh was no longer discounted at 2 for 5 or 6 buckaroos so I only bought one at regular price ($3.99) and decided to save the coupon for the next discount.  However I also claimed a $1 cash back deal for it from Kroger and it would expire after yesterday so I was dead set on buying one. I also found I had concurrent cash back with Kroger and Ibotta for garlic croccantini artisan crackers (can't for the life of me remember the brand name) and that the Kroger cash back offer for that would also expire after yesterday.

I also spotted in the closeout shelf Supreme Brie cheese slashed down to $2.49 (the sucker is normally $6.99), I claimed and completed Ibotta deals for it 2 previous times, the first time I downloaded and used up a Kroger e-coupon for it, the second I claimed concurrent cash back (2 buckaroos each) for it from Ibotta and Kroger.

Ultimately I bit the bullet and spent $16.66 but earned $15.55 ($4.55 base cash back for completed deals + $1 MW2M + $10 R B)

And I STILL got the $2 cash back for Supreme Brie cheese, even if slashed down to just over half